How To Increase Productivity

Online Team Building Activities To Try

Just because we work from home, and communicate online does not mean we can not have some normal projects in the work environment. Team building is a great way to get to know your colleagues better and form a stronger bond. Even if it sounds like there aren’t many activities you can do online, we have picked out a few you can try.

Virtual Teams

For some of these, you will have to form virtual teams, which will make everything all the more interesting. A fun game to try, which will also improve teamwork, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills are murder mysteries with slues. The team will have to work together to find the answer, and everyone will have fun along the way. Something similar, but also designed for teams are escape rooms, and there are many of them you can solve online. If you want something that will help you get to know your team a bit better, you can organize home tours where each employee will go around their house and talk about interesting things they own. For those days when you feel like being more work-oriented during team-building, you can create certain problems that your virtual teams have to solve together. They can be work-related, or not, depending on what your goal is.

As you can see, team-building activities can be both fun and useful even if everything is held online. You just have to find the right ones for your team and try to be creative, and friendly while doing it.